Mark Strivings - Kiss Of Death
Mark Strivings - Kiss Of Death
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A chair routine with a kick! Quite possibly the most flexible chair routine in existence.
Here's basically what happens.
There has been a murder! Five of them, in fact. Sadly, each victim was a woman. And police have received a tip that the main suspect is in the audience. Five chairs are seen onstage and five people are brought forward to sit in any chair they desire. It's a line up! And we are going to see if we can find the killer!
(By the way, I know this sounds ominous, and indeed it can most definitely be played that way. But I play this for huge comedy all the way. And trust me, this brings out gales of laughter! Back to the routine.)
On a side table are five small 'evidence' bags. As each suspect sits in a chair, the main officer (that's you!) makes a notation on one of the bags. After each suspect is in place they are given large cards bearing the numbers 1-5 on them, each taking any number they desire.
From this point forward you can do literally ANYTHING you want! Interview the suspects and move them around based on their answers. Have them all dance and relocate to a different chair randomly. Play 'hot potato' with the number cards, passing from person to person until the music stops. Quite literally anything you can dream up, you can do.
By the end there is no doubt that the five suspects are in a genuinely random order in the chairs, and each has a truly random numbered card.
The performer now reveals that he had written a number on each of the 'evidence' bags that have been on display since the start of the line up, and gives each suspect their respective numbered bags based on the random number they now each hold.
It is explained that the killer would leave a 'calling card' of sorts at the crime scene after each dastardly event. They would take a tube of lipstick used by the unfortunate victim, apply it to their own lips and leave a 'kiss of death' at the crime scene.
In the five evidence bags are the five tubes of lipstick that were found at each crime scene. These are all removed by the suspects. Nothing else is in the bags. One by one the suspects each twist the lipstick, extending the colored lip balm. However, one of the lipsticks is uniquely different. Instead of lipstick extending from the tube, an actual bullet comes out!
At this point each suspect is told to turn the chair they have been sitting on around so that the back is visible. There, on the back of the chairs for all to see, are very large reproductions of the murderer's lip prints, and each color matches the tube of lipstick that the suspect had assigned to him from the beginning! But WAIT! The suspect whose lipstick was in reality a bullet has something distinctly different. No lips prints, but instead a large skull and crossbones! We have found our killer!
But it doesn't stop there.
It is pointed out that the five digits that have been exchanged and mixed several times over actually now form a five digit number, which, it turns out, will be the killer's I.D. number when they go to prison (let's say it's #34251). At this point you can take a five person mug shot ('Now turn to your left') along with the numbers. Talk about a Kodak moment!
But wait, there's more!
A sealed letter is removed and opened. It's from the Governor! It would seem he has decided to pardon prisoner #34251 (it says exactly that!) and set them free! All five suspects are returned to their seats to thunderous applause.
My friends, this is more fun than ought to be legal. Plus it's an incredible mystery. Here's the biggest kicker of all. It's so easy to do it's almost criminal (pun intended)! Play this dark and ominous or play it for laughs, it will bring the mystery no matter what!

In this 20 page manuscript I lay out literally everything that you need to know to put this incredible miracle together for yourself. Also included are 11 print-ready masters to make some of the props. Beyond that there is complete instruction on how to put everything else together that you need. Do it once and you are good to go forever!
PLUS there are actually 'stages' that you can go through to see just how far you wish to go with this incredible routine. Fully explained is how you can be up and running with a performance-ready set up in a very short period of time with very little DIY type of stuff to do. In fact, it's borderline ridiculous how simple it is to be up and running. This will allow you to 'road-test' this routine for yourself and fall in love with it. Once you have made that leap (and it won't take much!) I provide complete instruction on how you can then upgrade your props (for very little more money invested) to a level of professionalism that you will be proud to perform with.
When this was available as a complete set the cost was $375.00 and candidly I should have charged at least $200.00 more than I did. Now you can create the identical set of miracle props and do this incredible routine for a fraction of that. I'm all thumbs. If I can put this together, you can put this together!
I'm not kidding when I try to convey how simple this miracle is. You can easily get 8-10 minutes of solid entertainment out of this and your actual work to make it all go is literally a few seconds. This is absurdly simple to do. Plus there have been a small handful of improvements since that original release that are fully documented in this manuscript. This is incredible 'bang for the buck!'
The manuscript itself is twenty 8-1/2" X 11" photo-illustrated pages long, corner stapled. In addition it includes 11 print-ready masters to help make some of the props. I even provide you with THREE optional endings, any one of which is a killer unto itself. Take your pick and customize this to your own special needs. Take the very small amount of effort it takes to initially put this together and just try it a few times. You'll be blown away at how well it plays and easy it is to do.

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