1. How Do I Access My Instant Downloads, Instructional Videos, Dvd Downloads And Ebooks?

Login and click on My Account at the top of the screen. If you're not already logged in you will be prompted to enter your user name/email address and password. If you are logged in you will go straight to a list of the instant downloads, instructional videos and ebooks that you have purchased.

Please note that, depending on your connection speed, some DVD's can take up to half an hour to load. If you're on a fast connection the video should start up quickly and continue to load while you watch.

2. Do the magic tricks include a Gimmick?

No, we just provide the video or eBooks files download links, please check your account order pages to access the download links.

3. When do i get my eBooks/videos that i just ordered?

Orders from new customers (registration date less than 3 months) require less than 48 hours for manual review, orders from existing customers (registration date more than 3 months) are available immediately(Except for individual products that need to be sent manually, please be patient and wait for processing)

4. The same products name, different price?

Please contact us to tell me the products name, generally speaking, they should be the same thing, just order the cheaper one. :-). Some are updates of the original item.

5. The download link, wrong, overdue, not working?

Please contact us to resend!

6. My Order Status Is "Pending". What Does That Mean?

"Pending" usually means we're waiting for payment, but it can also mean that we haven't processed your payment just yet.

if the payment already finished, please contact us, provide the transaction ID and tell me the order number, we will confirm it ASAP!

7. How to open the zip/rar files?

please use 7-ZIP to un-zip the files the first and you will saw the files.

8. Unable to play, no sound?

please use VLCplayer or Potplayer to un-zip the files the first and you will saw the files.

9. I used a credit card to pay for it, but charge I twice?

Usually due to repeated clicks on the submit button or network delays, please contact us for a refund or replacement, refunds usually take a week for bank review.